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Cantor Fitzgerald and IMC become latest WisdomTree Authorised Participants (AP) on UCITs platform

Tuesday 01st March '16

London, 1 March 2016: WisdomTree, the exchange-traded fund (ETF) and exchange-traded product (ETP) sponsor, and the worlds largest currency-hedged ETF issuer by AUM announced that Cantor Fitzgerald and IMC have become the most recent additions to a growing list of Authorised Participants (APs) for the WisdomTree UCITS ETF platform.  

Authorised Participants are the only parties who are able to officially create and redeem ETF shares on investor demand directly with the ETF issuer.

We are pleased to welcome two very well respected trading firms to the WisdomTree UCITS ETF platform. Cantor Fitzgerald andIMC join a growing list of APs that will play an important part in expanding and facilitating liquidity to our clients investing in WisdomTree UCITS ETFs, said Zach Hascoe, Director of Capital Markets, Europe.

WisdomTree operates an open AP model and plans to continue increasing the number of Authorised Participants over the next several months. With the addition of Cantor Fitzgerald and IMC, WisdomTree Europe now has 17 Authorised Participants on the UCITs platform.

Hascoe continued, Expanding our bench of APs demonstrates the commitment that WisdomTree has to the European marketplace. Further, it underlines the solid capital markets infrastructure that has been developed to support the WisdomTree UCITS ETFs for a global client base which increasingly seeks to invest in the UCITS structure.  

WisdomTree UCITs Authorized Participants

·         ABN AMRO

·         Cantor Fitzgerald

·         Commerzbank

·         CitiGroup

·         Flow Traders

·         Goldenberg Hehmeyer  

·         Goldman Sachs

·         IMC

·         Jane Street

·         KCG Europe

·         Mako Financial

·         Merrill Lynch

·         Morgan Stanley

·         Société Générale

·         Susquehanna

·         Unicredit

·         Virtu Financial

Notes to Editors

About WisdomTree Europe Ltd.

WisdomTree Investments, Inc., through its subsidiaries in the U.S. and Europe, including WisdomTree Europe Ltd based in London, is an exchange-traded fund (
ETF) and exchange-traded product (ETP) sponsor and asset manager. WisdomTree offers products covering equities, fixed income, currencies, commodities and alternative strategies. Through WisdomTree Europe Ltd, it sponsors WisdomTree UCITS ETFs and BOOST short and leverage ETPs. WisdomTree currently has approximately $52.4 billion (as of 31 December 2015) in assets under management globally. For more information, please visit

® is the marketing name for WisdomTree Investments, Inc. and its subsidiaries worldwide.

About IMC
MC is a leading market maker active on over 100 venues around the world. From its offices in Chicago, Amsterdam, Zug, Hong Kong and Sydney, the company provides liquidity in bonds, commodities, currencies, equities, exchange traded funds, futures and options. The team in Amsterdam provides liquidity in European ETFs on and off exchange with a focus on European equity index ETFs. For more information, please contact Michiel Derksen via +31 20 7988 552 or

About Cantor Fitzgerald
Cantor Fitzgerald was founded in 1945 and is one of the worlds largest independent investment banks. Cantor Fitzgerald has over 8,800 employees in 20 countries including major financial hubs worldwide. Cantor has one of the largest sales forces in the industry with 675+ institutional sales and trading professionals providing global access to investors. The group offers an array of financial products and services dedicated to meeting the highly sophisticated demands of corporate and institutional clients across all time zones; including Research, Fixed Income, equities and ETFs.

Cantor Fitzgerald's ETF team is one of the most experienced ETF trading and strategy teams in the industry and are seen as industry leaders, providing agnostic advisory and Trading services since the inception of ETFs. Cantor Fitzgeralds ETF group uses its leading technology to offer clients global access to Equity, Fixed Income and Commodity ETFs of all sizes. Cantor Fitzgerald prides itself on working closely with clients to tailor execution strategies for all trade types, consistent pricing, as well as being an Authorised Participant across the ETF landscape to support client requirements. For more information please contact Anil Sood via +44 (0) 20 7894 8744 or


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