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WisdomTree EURO STOXX 50® 3x Daily Short

WisdomTree EURO STOXX 50® 3x Daily Short ist ein voll besichertes Exchange Traded Product (ETP). Das Produkt bildet den EURO STOXX 50 Daily Short 3 EUR Gross Return Index ab. Der Bezugsindex liefert die dreifach gehebelte, inverse Rendite des EURO STOXX 50 GR Index, unter Berücksichtigung der durch Leerverkäufe verursachten Kosten und Einnahmen. 

Wenn beispielsweise der EURO STOXX 50 Index um 1% steigt, dann liegt die Rendite des Produktes bei -3% - zuzüglich Kosten. Wenn der EURO STOXX 50 Index um 1% fällt, liefert das Produkt eine Rendite von 3% - abzüglich Kosten.  

*Ehemals Boost EURO STOXX 50® 3x Short Daily ETP


Short and/or leveraged exchange traded products (ETPs) are only intended for investors who understand the associated risks. The short and/or leveraged products involve numerous risks including general market risks relating to the relevant underlying index, credit risks on the provider of index swaps utilised in the ETPs, exchange rate and interest risks, and for our Delta One products, swap counterparty risk. You should consult an investment adviser who can help determine whether or not the products are suitable for you.


The price of any Shares or the value of an investment in ETPs may go up or down and an investor may not get back the amount invested. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance. This material is not intended to be relied upon as a forecast, research or investment advice, and is not a recommendation, offer or solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument or product or to adopt any investment strategy.

Base/Trading Currency EUR/EUR
Hebel -3x
Index Bloomberg Ticker SX5GT3S
Index Name EURO STOXX® 50 Daily Short 3 EUR Gross Return Index
Kursveränderung (08 Apr 2020) 0.66%
Nettoinventarwert (NAV) (08 Apr 2020) €5.77
Produkt Bloomberg Ticker 3EUS LN
Produkt ISIN IE00B8JF9153
NAV Stand vom 08. Apr 2020
NAV €5,77
Kursveränd. heute €0,04
Tägl. Rendite 0.66%
Produkt AUM €15.126.341,33
Anzahl ausstehender Anteile 2,621,036
Physisch besichert Ja
Structure ETP
Auflage in Irland
Replikationsmethode Replikationsmethode
Emittent WisdomTree Multi Asset Issuer PLC
Verwalter Link Asset Services
Depotbank Bank of New York Mellon
Treuhänder Law Debenture Trust
Wirtschaftsprüfer Ernst & Young
Swap-Anbieter BNP Paribas Arbitrage SNC
Market Makers Market Makers
Authorised Participants APs
Verwaltungsgebühr 0.80%
Swapsatz 0.00278%
Austria Österreich
Vereinigtes Königreich

Börsennotierungen und -ticker

Börsennotierungen und -ticker


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Index Eckdaten


The EURO STOXX 50 Daily Short 3 EUR Gross Return Index aims to replicate the inverse daily performance of the EURO STOXX 50 EUR Gross Return Index multiplied daily by three and adjusted to reflect certain inherent costs and revenues of maintaining the short positions required to achieve that aim.

The EURO STOXX 50 EUR Gross Return Index is a gross total return version of the EURO STOXX 50 index. 

The EURO STOXX 50 Index provides a blue-chip representation of supersector (as defined by the Industry Classification Benchmark) leaders in the Eurozone. The index covers 50 stocks from 12 Eurozone countries: Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. The EURO STOXX 50 is weighted according to free-float market capitalisation and is reviewed annually in September.

Index Eckdaten

Index Eckdaten
Indexbezeichnung EURO STOXX® 50 Daily Short 3 EUR Gross Return Index
Währung EUR
Indexanbieter STOXX
Produkt Bloomberg Ticker SX5GT3S
Reuters-Code .SX5GT3S
Leverage Factor -3x
Leverage Method Daily Rebalancing


Collateral Coverage Ratio 105.0%
Collateralised Yes
Over Collateralised Yes
Custodian Bank of New York Mellon

Collateral Structure


Historical Data

WisdomTree Multi Asset Issuer PLC (the “Issuer”) issues products under a Prospectus (“WTMA Prospectus”) approved by the Central Bank of Ireland, drawn up in accordance with the Directive 2003/71/EC. The WTMA Prospectus has been passported to various European jurisdictions including the UK, Italy and Germany and is available on this document.

WisdomTree Multi Asset Issuer PLC Exchange Traded Products (“ETPs”) are suitable for financially sophisticated investors who wish to take a short-term view on the underlying indices and can understand the risks of investing in products offering daily leveraged or daily short exposures.
ETPs offering daily leveraged or daily short exposures (“Leveraged ETPs”) are products which feature specific risks that prospective investors should understand before investing in them. Higher volatility of the underlying indices and holding periods longer than a day may have an adverse impact on the performance of Leveraged ETPs. As such, Leveraged ETPs are intended for financially sophisticated investors who wish to take a short-term view on the underlying indices and understand such risks. As a consequence, WisdomTree is not promoting or marketing WisdomTree Multi Asset Issuer PLC ETPs to retail clients. Investors should refer to the section entitled "Risk Factors" and “Economic Overview of the ETP Securities” in the WTMA Prospectus for further details of these and other risks associated with an investment in Leveraged ETPs and consult their financial advisors as needed. Neither WisdomTree, nor the Issuer has assessed the suitability of any Leveraged ETPs for investors other than the relevant Authorised Participants.

The EURO STOXX 50® [or other applicable index] is the intellectual property (including registered trademarks) of STOXX Limited, Zurich, Switzerland and/or its licensors (“Licensors”), which is used under license. The securities [or financial instruments, or options or other technical term] based on the Index are in no way sponsored, endorsed, sold or promoted by STOXX and its Licensors and neither of the Licensors shall have any liability with respect thereto. Securities issued by the Issuer are direct, limited recourse obligations of the Issuer alone and are not obligations of or guaranteed by any of BNP Paribas (Arbitrage) S.N.C., their affiliates or another third party. BNP Paribas (Arbitrage) S.N.C. disclaims all and any liability whether arising in tort, contract or otherwise which it might have in respect of this document or its contents arising in connection herewith.