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The WisdomTree Short & Leveraged (S&L) family of exchange traded products (ETPs) is one of the most comprehensive, innovative ranges of specialist S&L ETPs in the world. Our extensive Short & Leveraged platform offers a range of fully collateralised ETPs which are available in leverage factors between -5x and +5x. 


Through these award-winning products, investors can access a broad range of Equities, Commodities, Fixed Income, Alternatives and Currency strategies, meaning they can look to magnify returns on a daily basis through positive or inverse leverage, take a hedging position efficiently, and access alternative or unique strategies.


This specialised branch of ETPs, like other investment products offering short and leveraged exposure, requires a certain level of understanding and due diligence. In this centre, WisdomTree aims to provide an informative reference point for investors seeking to educate themselves about the opportunities and the risks presented by short and leveraged ETPs.



The WisdomTree S&L heatmap illustrates the daily movement of underlying benchmarks for all asset classes. 



Gold could rise to over US$1800oz if geopolitical risks remain elevated

26 Aug 2019

Gold prices have moved very quickly in the past two months, gaining 14% in that short space of time. Gold’s gains have been consistent with the sudden drop in Treasury yields and rise in demand for safe haven assets. As we highlighted in The gold market reigns supreme, growing tensions between the US and China in the form of both a trade and a currency war have kept the market on edge, thus driving up the demand for safe haven assets. Both the market and the Trump administration appear to have forced the Federal Reserve’s (Fed) hands to ease policy. Market tantrums clearly have influenced Fed’s decision making, with the central bank changing policy course after equity markets faltered earlier this year. The Trump administration’s flip-flopping on the trade front, has also led the Fed to provide an “insurance” rate cut. Fed fund futures indicate that the market expects more rate cuts to come during the course of the year and that is likely to keep US Treasury yields low.

Continued skirmishes around the Arabian Peninsula lent support to oil prices in the past week

15 Jul 2019

A risk we have highlighted in “40 Years of fraught US-Iran tension in the Persian Gulf plays on” is now being crystallised with the flow of oil moving through the Strait of Hormuz – the world’s most important transit choke-point – being hampered. Added to that, tropical storm Barry is shuttering production in the US Gulf Coast, temporarily tightening US supply of oil. Despite fears of oil demand slowing amid little progress with US-China trade talks, constrained supply is continuing to support oil prices.

Tariff war continues to affect China’s equity markets

14 Jul 2019

Chinese stocks posted a loss last week as trade data underscored the impact of the tariff war. Export growth in June slowed 1.3% versus the prior year while imports fell more than expected by 7.3% over the prior year. The weak import data provided evidence of weaker domestic demand. June imports from the US dipped by 31.4% versus last year while US bound exports fell 7.8%. The latest trade data was a reflection of the latest tariff hike on US$200bn worth of Chinese good to 25% from 10% on May 10 due to the breakdown of trade talks in May.

The latest tweet by President Trump that China is “letting us down” by not increasing its purchases of American farm products as previously agreed by the two nations, provides further signs that little progress has been achieved since the G-20 meeting and the potential for further escalation remain high. Chinese producer prices over the year to June which were lower than expected and led to concerns about deflation. Meanwhile consumer prices rose by 2.7% over the prior year to June as a spike in food prices continues to drive consumer price growth trend higher. Milder reaction across Chinese equity and bond markets suggest investors continue to expect more stimulus by the Chinese government. Chinese GDP came in at 6.2% marking its lowest level since 1992. We believe this is in line with the government’s range bound target of 6- 6.5% outlined at the start of 2019 and were largely in line with estimates.



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Important information


Short & Leveraged Exchange-Traded Products are only intended for investors who understand the risks involved in investing in a product with short and/or leveraged exposure and who intend to invest on a short-term basis. Any investment in short and/or leveraged products should be monitored on a regular basis (as frequently as daily) to ensure consistency with your investment strategy. You should understand that investments in short and/or leveraged exchange-traded products held for a period of longer than one day may not provide returns equivalent to the return from the relevant unleveraged investment multiplied by the relevant leverage factor. Potential losses in short and/or leveraged exchange-traded products may be magnified in comparison to investments that do not incorporate these strategies. Please refer to the section entitled “Risk Factors” in the relevant prospectus for further details of these and other risks associated with an investment in short and/or leveraged exchange-traded products. You should consult an independent investment adviser prior to making an investment in short and/or leveraged exchange-traded products in order to determine suitability to your circumstances.