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11th December 2019

Changes to WisdomTree US Equity Income UCITS ETF

From 20th December 2019, there will be an amendment to the methodology for WisdomTree US Equity Income Index, which this fund tracks.

The methodology will incorporate a new screening and weighting adjustment based on a composite risk score.

Stocks that would initially be eligible based on the dividend yield screen will be removed if they fall within the bottom quintile (20%) of the universe based on the composite risk score.

Eligible companies that pass both screens will then be weighted by their adjusted dividend stream, i.e., companies projected to pay more dividends and have higher composite risk scores will be more heavily weighted.

For more information, see the below resources:

Notice to shareholders

New Index Methodology

Old vs New Methodology Comparison


11th December 2019

Upcoming Index Rebalances
Rebalancing files can be found on the Rebalance and Distribution Information page.



31st July 2019

Product changes


Please note that the following Issuers have made legal announcements today in relation to compulsory redemptions of certain classes of securities and renaming of the Issuer and remaining securities, effective from 26th September 2019:


Boost Issuer PLC

ETFS Commodity Securities Limited CLD

ETFS Commodity Securities Limited SL

ETFS Hedged Commodity Securities Limited

ETFS Foreign Exchange Limited

ETFS Equity Securities Limited*

Swiss Commodity Securities Limited*


*Please note that these Issuers will be closing entirely and all securities will be compulsorily redeemed.


Legal announcements have also been made in relation to the following Issuers to reflect the renaming of the Issuer and securities, effective from 26th September 2019.


ETFS Metal Securities Limited

ETFS Hedged Metal Securities Limited

ETFS Oil Securities Limited


Please note that there will not be any changes to Gold Bullion Securities Limited as part of this process.


Please see a copy of the press release and the Q&A for further information.



28th June 2019

SGBS Reduction of Management Fee 


ETFS Metal Securities Limited (the “Issuer”) hereby announces that, with effect from 5 July 2019, the Management Fee rate in relation to the ETFS Physical Swiss Gold Individual Securities will be reduced from 0.25 per cent. per annum to 0.19 per cent. per annum. See full RNS Announcement.



1st April 2019

Index Notification - U.S. Multifactor Index


Effective June 2019, WisdomTree Investments will implement the following changes to the U.S. Multifactor Index to coincide with the quarterly reconstitution: 

  •  Value and Quality Factor scores will be calculated within industry groups
  • Low Correlation Factor will be calculated using historical time periods of 6 and 12 months
  • The highest ranking multifactor scoring companies will be selected, subject to maximum and minimum constraints on number of components within a sector in seeking sector diversification.

Click here for more information



1st December 2018

WisdomTree Indices

The following WisdomTree Indices will be rebalanced following the close of trading, Friday, December 14th, 2018:

  • WisdomTree US Multifactor Index

The following WisdomTree Indices will be rebalanced following the close of trading, Friday, December 21st, 2018: 

  • WisdomTree US Equity Income Index (TR)
  • WisdomTree US SmallCap Dividend Index (TR)
  • WisdomTree U.S. Quality Dividend Growth Index (TR)


1st December 2018

ISEQ Index
Rebalancing is scheduled to take place following the Close of Business Friday 21st December to take effect Monday 24th December.



1st December 2018

S&P China 500 Index (TR)
Rebalancing is scheduled to take place following the Close of Business Friday 21st December to take effect Monday 24th December.


As part of the annual rebalance this year scheduled for Trade date 19 October 2018, the below listed funds, sub funds of the WisdomTree Issuer PLC umbrella, will be gaining China Exposure, via the Local Domestic market. This will be achieved by acquiring equities via the China Stock Connect - Third Party Custodian Model, more commonly known as the “TPC model”. Click here for more information

  • WisdomTree Emerging Asia Equity Income Index (TR)
  • WisdomTree Emerging Markets High Dividend Index (TR)
  • WisdomTree Emerging Markets SmallCap Dividend Index (TR)
  • WisdomTree Global Developed Quality Dividend Growth Index (TR)


10th October 2018

Patisserie Holding Suspension


As a result of the recent news on the suspension of the Patisserie Holdings, and the subsequent issue of additional shares at a discounted value of  approx. -88.0% .  Wisdom Tree Issuer PLC will be adjusting the market value of this stock to GBP0.50, which accounts for the reduction and calculated on the last  available trade price, before suspension, of GBP4.295.  This stock is held on WisdomTree Europe SmallCap Dividend UCITS ETF (DFE) and equates to approximately  0.02% of the NAV.  The adjustment will be made as of valuation date 16th October 2018.


Please do not hesitate to contact WisdomTree Operations or Capital Markets team should you have any questions. 


1st September 2016

Brazilian Capital Gains Tax


Important information relating to WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income UCITS ETF (DEM/DEMD) and the WisdomTree Emerging Markets Small Cap Dividend UCITS ETF (DGSE/DGSD) (the “Funds”):  As a result of recent changes to the classification of Ireland by the Brazilian Tax Authorities, the above Funds will accrue for capital gains tax on unrealised gains on Brazilian equites held by the Funds at a rate of 15%. This accrual will be effective as of October 6th 2016.