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Artificial intelligence (AI) is an exciting megatrend with the potential to change how industries operate and consumers live their lives.


While AI technology no doubt offers compelling investment potential, there isn’t a simple method to identify the top publicly-listed AI companies across the world. 


To overcome this, WisdomTree has partnered with NASDAQ and the Consumer Technology Association to develop a bespoke index that identifies and classifies AI-focussed companies, providing a pure AI investment exposure.

Capture the AI Value Chain


Watch our video series to learn more about the companies selected as part of the NASDAQ CTA Artificial Intelligence Index.

Part I - Enablers

Enablers supply the components that can support the real-time complex processes required by AI solutions, away from central computers and close to the point of action.  

Part II - Enhancers

Enhancers provide the applications capable of utilising large amounts of data to solve engineering, design and analytic challenges. 

Part III - Engagers

Engagers are at the forefront of AI-powered services and products. Their innovative solutions use automation and robotics for streamlining business processes and interacting with humans.

For more information, visit our AI product page.

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