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ETFS 3x Daily Short EURO STOXX 50®

ETFS 3x Daily Short Euro Stoxx 50® (EU3S) is designed to enable investors to gain a three times daily leveraged 'short' exposure to EURO STOXX 50® EUR Gross Return (EURO STOXX 50) by tracking the EURO STOXX 50® Daily Short 3x EUR Gross Return (the "Index"). A three times daily leveraged short exposure means that the product is designed to reflect minus three times the daily percentage change in the EURO STOXX 50. For example, if the EURO STOXX 50 was to rise in value by 5% on a particular day, the product would decrease in value by 15% on that day (before fees, expenses and adjustments). EU3S is an exchange traded product ("ETP"). It is not a UCITS. Securities in this ETP are structured as debt securities and not as shares (equity) and can be created and redeemed on demand by authorised participants and are traded on exchange just like shares in a company. The ETP is backed by swaps. The payment obligations of the swap counterparty to the Issuer are protected by collateral held in a segregated account at The Bank of New York Mellon.
Fund Overview
Base Currency EUR
Daily Change 1.88%
Leverage Factor 3x
Price (NAV) €2.09
Net Asset Value 14 Dec 2018
NAV €2.09
Daily Change €0.04
Daily Return 1.88%
Total AUM of fund €3,984,920.15
Shares Outstanding 1,908,097
Domicile Jersey
Replication method Synthetic - fully funded collateralised swap
Legal form Debt security
Legal structure ETC
Legal Tax
ISA Eligible
Sharia compliant No
Securities regulator Financial Conduct Authority (FCA UK)
SIPP Eligible
UCITS Eligible Eligible
Key Service Providers
Trustee The Law Debenture Trust Corporation p.l.c.
Issuer ETFS Equity Securities Limited
Registrar Computershare Investor Services (Jersey) Ltd
Collateral manager The Bank of New York Mellon
Counterparty Societe Generale
MER 0.70%
Passported Countries
Austria Austria
Denmark Denmark
Spain Spain
United Kingdom

Listings & Codes

Listings & Codes


The above chart presents information about the difference between the daily market price for shares of the Fund and the Fund's net asset value. The market price is determined using the midpoint between the highest bid and the lowest offer on the listing exchange, as of the time that the Fund's NAV is calculated (usually 4:00 p.m. eastern time for most Funds). The vertical axis of the chart shows the premium or discount expressed as a percentage of mid-point.

Performance is total return based on the growth of a hypothetical 10K based unit value net of fees using daily NAV. Historical performance is not an indication of future performance and any investments may go down in value.

Live Prices

Live Prices
Index Details

EURO STOXX 50® Daily Short 3x EUR Gross Return


The Index is a total return index which is designed to provide a three times daily leveraged short exposure to EURO STOXX 50® EUR Gross Return (EURO STOXX 50). Each trading day returns, before fees, expenses and adjustments, will be positive when the EURO STOXX 50 falls relative to the previous day's close, and negative when the EURO STOXX 50 rises relative to the previous day's close. In the event of a large rise in the value of EURO STOXX 50 during the course of a trading day it is possible that an intra-day reset may be triggered with respect to the Index in order to restrict the loss in value of the Index as more particularly described in the prospectus.

Short ETPs are only intended for investors who understand the risks involved in investing in an ETP with leveraged short exposure and who intend to invest on a short-term basis. Any investment in a short ETP should be monitored on a daily basis to ensure consistency with your investment strategy. Please refer to the section entitled "Risk Factors" in the prospectus for further details of these and other risks associated with an investment in short ETPs. You should consult an independent investment adviser prior to making an investment in a short ETP in order to determine its suitability to your circumstances.


Index Details

Index Details
Index Name EURO STOXX 50® Daily Short 3x EUR Gross Return
Index Provider STOXX Limited
Index Constituent Count 50
Index Type Gross Total Return
Currency EUR
Bloomberg Ticker SX5GT3S Index
Reuters Index Ticker .SX5GT3S
Index Website
Security 14 Dec 2018
1. TOTAL 5.75%
2. SAP 4.31%
3. SANOFI 3.97%
4. SIEMENS 3.82%
5. ALLIANZ 3.52%
6. LINDE 3.41%
7. UNILEVER NV 3.26%
10. ASML HLDG 2.82%
11. BAYER 2.64%
12. BASF 2.60%
14. AIRBUS 2.37%
15. BNP PARIBAS 2.25%
16. L'OREAL 2.23%
18. AIR LIQUIDE 2.01%
19. AXA 1.97%
20. DAIMLER 1.95%

Collateral Details

Currency (weighting) 14 Dec 2018
1. EUR 86.22%
2. CHF 13.78%
Country (weighting) 14 Dec 2018
1. FRANCE 55.63%
2. ITALY 26.78%
4. GERMANY 3.80%
Constituents Top 20 14 Dec 2018
1. BNP Paribas SA 8.46%
2. Intesa Sanpaolo SpA 7.62%
3. Getlink SE 6.43%
4. Atlantia SpA 5.00%
5. SCOR SE 4.97%
6. L'Oreal SA 4.25%
7. EssilorLuxottica SA 3.99%
8. Enel SpA 3.97%
9. Hermes International 3.93%
10. Arkema SA 3.90%
11. Peugeot SA 3.88%
12. Dassault Systemes SE 3.81%
13. Allianz SE 3.80%
14. UBS Group AG 3.77%
15. Credit Suisse Group AG 3.51%
16. Eni SpA 3.46%
17. FinecoBank Banca Fineco SpA 2.76%
18. Renault SA 2.73%
19. Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield 2.47%
20. Snam SpA 2.33%



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