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We’re Bullish on India—and You Should Be Too


We are bullish on India—and we’re not the only ones. Many experts are expecting great things over the next five years, as economics, structural shifts in equity allocations, cultural changes and more may be combining to drive the market for years to come.

We delve deeper into these and other topics in our recent blogs.

Commentaries from Our Thought Leaders


Indian Markets to Triple Over Five Years

by Jeremy Schwartz

Our Director of Research, Jeremy Schwartz saw this headline on LinkedIn recently: “Nifty will triple in 5 years.” The quote was attributed to Ridham Desai, Morgan Stanley’s head of research for Indian equities. We have been making the bullish case for India for some time, but the potential drivers for the view that Indian markets would triple is something we wanted to learn more about.


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Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India on the Current State of the Economy

by Jeremy Schwartz

On the eve of the implementation of India’s national goods and services tax (GST), we had the pleasure of speaking with Viral Acharya, Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). The conversation touched on a broad cross section of the Indian banking system and issues the RBI is focused on.


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Tilting Emerging Market Allocations toward Consumption, Growth & Quality

by Gaurav Sinha

For a global portfolio, emerging markets (EM) play several important roles. Some investors may invest in EM to diversify their global allocations, while others may be looking for faster growth. This leads to a fundamental question: is a traditional EM exposure enough to capture growth and consumption trends in the developing world?


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How India Is Re-Engineering Its Economic Engine

by Gaurav Sinha

While we are busy discussing policies in the United States, India quietly laid the foundation for a technology empire that is going to digitally connect 17% of humanity. The full potential of India’s push for digitization will be realized in time, but we think this is perhaps the most exciting technology development happening in the world today.


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Seeking Smarter Exposure to India’s Stock Market

by Gaurav Sinha

Driven by global “risk-on” and a host of local factors that we have covered in depth, the Indian equity markets have been doing very well for the last few months. So, what kind of exposure makes sense to allocate in the Indian equity landscape? The answer might be surprisingly simple for this large and fairly complicated economy: Stick to investing in fundamentals.


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Why the Timing Is Ripe for Emerging Market Equities

by Christopher Gannatti & Jeff Weniger

After tough returns in the 2013, 2014 and 2015 calendar years, many clients abandoned emerging market equity exposure. Today we examine those equities’ valuations relative to other equity markets.


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How Emerging Markets Have Sneaked Back in Vogue

by Christopher Gannatti

The three years as of December 31, 2015, was a very tough period for emerging markets. Since then, the MSCI Emerging Markets Index has outperformed the S&P 500 Index. But after 15 months of outperformance, has the window closed?


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China's Leverage Crackdown and What It Means for Stocks

by Joseph Tenaglia

For the last several decades, China’s economy has been growing at an extraordinary clip and now stands as the second largest economy in the world. Inevitably that rate must slow, which is exactly what has happened each year since 2010.


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Is Your EM Allocation Complete?

by Joseph Tenaglia

Emerging market (EM) equities sold off sharply following the election of Donald Trump last November, perhaps owing to the protectionist rhetoric and tough trade talk from the president-elect. That sell-off represented a pause in the party, but certainly not the end of it.


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Emerging Markets Valuations

by Jeremy Schwartz, Christopher Gannatti & Jeff Weniger

We believe the current environment is setting up an interesting opportunity for the astute investor to capitalize on inexpensive equity valuations in high-dividend-paying Emerging Markets equities. At the same time, those same markets are priced in currencies that in aggregate are at valuations akin to those seen near the beginning of Emerging Market’s large multiyear outperformance run that commenced at the beginning of this century.


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