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BitGo acquires security token platform Harbor

19 Feb 2020

Crypto custodian BitGo acquired Harbor in an effort to diversify its services beyond custody and will be able to operate as a broker-dealer, a transfer agent and a qualified custodian.

Trump's budget could give the US Treasury more oversight over crypto assets.

11 Feb 2020

The new budget would move the Secret Service from Homeland back to the Treasury with the objective of creating "new efficiencies in the investigation of these crimes and prepare the Nation to face the threats of tomorrow".

The CFTC reaffirms that only ether and bitcoin currently fall under its jurisdiction

16 Jan 2020

Heath Tarbert, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman, reiterated that bitcoin and ether are commodities and fall under CFTC jurisdiction, as opposed to securities which fall under United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) jurisdiction. The CFTC had already stated it considered ether a commodity in July 2019, and bitcoin in March 2018.

CME launches on options on Bitcoin

13 Jan 2020

CME launched put and call options on Bitcoin. The move shortly follows the launch of similar trading instrument by CME's competitor Bakkt in last December.

Kelly Loeffler, former Bakkt CEO, sworn into the US Senate

08 Jan 2020

Loeffler is replacing Senator Johnny Isakson, becoming the new Georgia Senator. As the former CEO at the crypto trading platform Bakkt, she's expected to be a friendly voice for cryptocurrencies at the Senate.

Ethereum block time reduced by a quarter after Muir Glacier hard fork

05 Jan 2020

Ethereum implemented its second hard fork in a month on the 2nd of January, with the Muir Galcier update. This led to a decrease in block time, and consequently an increased in the number of blocks mined, and more ethers being issued daily.

The ECB (European Central Bank) publishes Eurochain, researching DLT (distributed ledger technology) solutions for payment infrastructure

17 Dec 2019

The project aims to research how privacy and anonymity can be balanced with anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism requirements.

Bakkt expands offering with cash-settled contracts and options on Bitcoin

09 Dec 2019

Bakkt, an ICE subsidiary, expanded its offering with cash-settled futures contracts and options on Bitcoin. CME is expected to launch its own options in January 2020.

The Saga Foundation launches its SGA stablecoin

09 Dec 2019

The token's value is based on a basket of fiat currencies, with the objective of becoming totally unpegged when users trust allow it to hold its value. The project aims at overcoming the regulatory hurdles highlighted by Libra, notably on know-your-customer and anti-money laundering.

Ethereum successfully completes Istanbul Hard Fork

08 Dec 2019

Ethereum successfully underwent a hard fork, bringing six upgrades to the network. This is the first step in a longer term plan to upgrade the network and improve on scalability, speed and cost.