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WisdomTree Hedged Commodity Securities Limited (Classic EUR)

Date (NAV) 24/02/2020
Collateral yield 0.8626500 % per annum
Capital adjustment -0.00005320000000 daily basis
Definitions: Below is a summary of the key inputs for calculation of WisdomTree Hedged Commodity Securities Limited's Net Asset Value. A full explanation, examples and definitions of capitalised terms can be found in the Prospectus.
  • NAV for Individual Securities - The NAV (Net Asset value or Price) of each Individual Commodity Security is calculated in the following way: NAV t = NAV t-1 x ((Index t / Index t-1) + Capital Adjustment)
  • The NAV of Individual Securities will be a "true" NAV if the relevant Bloomberg individual commodity feed was sourced on a Pricing Day. If it is not a Pricing Day (due to Holiday or a Market Disruption Day), then the NAV shown will be an indicative NAV.
  • Further information relating to each Individual Commodity Index is available on the following website:
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