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Boost ETP launches advisor toolkit for Short & Leveraged ETF / ETP investing

Thursday 30th May '13



• Generic educational materials for use by advisors investing in Short & Leveraged ETPs
• S&L ETPs growing in popularity, as global AUM grows 10% YTD, to $49 Bn

London, Thursday 30 May 2013:- BOOST ETP, the award winning, independent exchange-traded product (ETP) provider, has announced the launch of its “Short & Leveraged ETF / ETP Advisor Tool Kit”. The Tool Kit has been designed to provide simple and easy to understand educational materials for anyone considering an investment in a short or leveraged ETF or ETP. 
The toolkit comes in response to a number of concerns by global regulators regarding the use of leverage by investors. In Europe, ESMA and the EBA are concerned that during the current period of low investment returns, inexperienced retail investors across the EU are being tempted to invest in complex financial products (such as CFDs and Spread bets), which they may not fully understand and which can end up costing them money they cannot afford to lose.
BOOST ETP launched its award-winning Short and Leverage ETP platform for exactly these reasons. BOOST feels that education and transparency are key to any financial product, especially for those products which may either be perceived to be complex, may be short and/or leveraged, or may potentially behave differently from what an investor might expect.
BOOST believes that advisor education, product training and transparency regarding a product’s risks are vital to investors’ ability to evaluate whether a product, such as a short or leverage ETP is suitable for the investor’s goals, objectives and financial position. As a result, BOOST’S Short & Leveraged ETF/ETP Advisor Tool Kit includes some of the materials listed below, and is continuously being updated: 
• Fact sheets explaining short & leveraged returns and compounding
• A short & leveraged return simulator, in the form of a downloadable Excel file
• Presentations, conference calls and seminars on how to use short & leveraged ETFs / ETPs, some of which have been accredited for Continuous Professional Development
• Trade ideas on how to use short & leveraged ETFs / ETPs in the current market
Nik Bienkowski, Co-CEO of BOOST commented:
“Boost ETP has been surprised by the response from Europe’s financial advisors interested in using short & leveraged ETPs but have not had the tools to enable them to understand the products fully. As a new independent provider, BOOST ETP is committed to providing Professional investors with the tools they need, regardless of whether the end investor is planning to purchase a BOOST ETP, or other product.

“It’s clear that there is demand for short and leveraged products given the growth in these types of ETPs, and the wide use of other types of short and leveraged products. Used in the right way, they can benefit an investor’s portfolio. Global short and leveraged ETP assets have risen to $48.5 bn as many financial markets have trended sideways, resulting in volatile but poor long term returns. Short and leveraged ETPs make it possible to take advantage of this short term volatility in world financial markets. 
“The Global ETP market has now grown to more than $2 trillion and will continue to grow. This means that the availability of products will increase, as will the types of ETPs. Strategies previously not available in ETP format, such as short and leverage, or commodities, will slowly make their way into the ETP format. With the current market environment, such as RDR and a move to Exchange Traded Products, we expect an increase in the use of ETPs, and BOOST ETP along with its Short & Leveraged ETF/ETP Advisor Tool Kit, is perfectly positioned to participate in this increased demand.”
BOOST’s platform is unique since it offers a platform of 3x leverage and 3x short ETPs. The first dedicated short and leveraged platform in Europe. In addition, BOOST has a robust security and collateral structure whereby any counterparty risks are minimised. It is an independent ETP provider, independent from any investment bank, swap provider, market maker, trustee, and custodian. As a result, investor’s interests are aligned with BOOST. The founders have over 20 years of experience in the ETP market. With that experience, plus the wealth of experience provided by BOOST’S world class service providers, investors are able to enjoy efficient products with liquidity, strong counterparty risk management and relatively low costs.

Source: Sources for all figures within this press release are from Boost ETP Research and Bloomberg