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Announcement regarding CSL and HCSL Counterparty change – the termination of UBS

Friday 27th October '17


Further to the Announcement (the “July Announcement”) made by ETFS Commodity Securities Limited (the “Issuer”) on 3 July 2017 and the Announcement (the “Effective Date Announcement”) on 13 October 2017, the Issuer is pleased to announce that the Effective Date (as defined in the July Announcement) for the purposes of the agreements between the Issuer, Citigroup Global Markets Limited (“CGML”), Merrill Lynch Commodities Inc. (“MLCI”), Merrill Lynch International (“MLI”) and The Law Debenture Trust Corporation occurred on 24 October 2017.

For more information download the relevant notice below:

Commodity Securities Limited
Hedged Commodity Securtiies Limited