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WisdomTree / Equities, US 13 Feb 2019

50 shades of value

Over the last 10 years, value as a factor has lagged the market, but recent market activity is starting to point to a potential comeback in this investment style.
WisdomTree / Equities, US 06 Feb 2019

Has value investing gone out of style?

The decade ending September 2018 was the single worst decade in history for the price-to-book ratio as a factor sort of the market.  In this blog we look at what caused recent under performance and what the future holds for value investing. 
Christopher Gannatti / Equities 29 Jan 2019

Growth stocks: Will they clear the hurdle?

Christopher Gannatti
Is the hype over today’s growth stocks in the US justified? Over the long run, the return experienced within equities has tended to have a close relationship to the earnings of growth stocks. Here we look at “growth” versus “value” and how the interrelationship between profitability and dividend policy is critical.
Aneeka Gupta / Central Bank Policy impact, Demographic diversity trends, Equities, US 26 Nov 2018

Beyond the US Midterm Elections

Aneeka Gupta
The big surprise from the recent midterm US elections was that for the first time since Brexit and Trump’s triumph in 2016, the polling survey and consensus got it right! But if most of the information was priced in, why did the US equity markets rally after obtaining the official results? We discuss the reasons and the near-term implications of the new political landscape.

Kevin Flanagan

Senior Fixed Income Strategist

Kevin Flanagan joined WisdomTree in 2016 as Senior Fixed Income Strategist. He contributes to the asset allocation team and provides expertise on WisdomTree’s global fixed income content. Prior to joining WisdomTree, Kevin spent 30 years at Morgan Stanley, where he was most recently a Managing Director. He was responsible for tactical and strategic recommendations and created asset allocation models for fixed income securities. He was a contributor to the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Global Investment Committee, primary author of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s monthly and weekly fixed income publications, and collaborated with the firm’s Research and Consulting Group Divisions to build ETF and fund manager asset allocation models. Kevin has an MBA from Pace University’s Lubin Graduate School of Business, and a B.S in Finance from Fairfield University.

Aneeka Gupta

Associate Director of Research

Aneeka Gupta is Associate Director of Research at WisdomTree. Prior to the acquisition of ETF Securities in April 2018, Aneeka worked as an Equity & Commodities Strategist at the company. Aneeka has 13 years of experience working as a Research Analyst across a wide range of asset classes. In her current role she is responsible for conducting analysis for all in-house commodity and macro publications and assisting the sales team with client queries around products and markets.  

Prior to ETF Securities, Aneeka began her career as an equity analyst at Bear Stearns International Ltd in London. She also worked as an Equity Sales Trader at Sunrise Brokers across US and Pan European Exchanges. Before that she worked as an Equity Derivatives Sales Manager at Mashreq Bank in Dubai.  

Aneeka holds a Bsc in Mathematics from the University of Delhi and a Masters in Mathematics from Oxford University and is also a CFA Charterholder.

Nitesh Shah

Director, Research

Nitesh is Director of Research at WisdomTree. Prior to the acquisition of ETF Securities in April 2018, Nitesh was a Commodities Strategist for the company. Nitesh has 16 years of experience as an economist and strategist, covering a wide range of markets and asset classes.

Before joining ETF Securities, Nitesh was an economist covering the European structured finance markets at Moody’s Investors Service and was a member of Moody’s global macroeconomics team. Before that he was an economist at the Pension Protection Fund and an equity strategist at Decision Economics.

He started his career at HSBC Investment Bank. Nitesh holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics and a Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University (USA).

Lidia Treiber

Director, Research

Lidia is Director of Fixed Income Research in Europe, working to deepen WisdomTree’s fixed income capabilities and ensuring that investors receive up-to-date, expert insight into global developments in this asset class.

Lidia previously spent four years as Fixed Income Specialist at Invesco ETFs. Prior to that, she was part of Wellington Management where she worked with the firm’s largest institutional clients, and BlackRock where she worked as a Research Analyst and Fixed Income Product Strategist.

Lidia has a BSc in Finance from the Warrington College of Business at University of Florida, where she graduated Summa Cum Laude with highest distinction in honours. Lidia is is a holder of both the Investment Management Certificate and the Chartered Financial Analyst designation.


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