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WisdomTree / Macro Alerts, Education, FX / Currency Hedging 12 Dec 2018

How and why currency fluctuations can impact ETP returns

Investors looking to invest in Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)—whether that is a fund or a note—may notice there are different currencies associated with the instrument. These currencies can have a significant impact on the return of the product, and therefore it’s important to understand how they work and why they fluctuate. This article seeks to offer some clarity to investors and traders around how currencies in ETPs work.
Christopher Gannatti / Education 05 Dec 2018

Dividends as alternative sources of income

Christopher Gannatti
Today, there are more investment choices than ever before. Yet, when looking for income, a lot of investors tend face a choice between taking more risks or accepting lower income. In this blog we look at how dividend-paying stocks can be considered as a possible alternative source of income. 
Christopher Gannatti / Education, Fixed Income 14 Nov 2018

Tackling the income challenge

Christopher Gannatti
Fixed income, as a building block in portfolio allocation, is viewed as a defence layer rather than a return driver. In this blog we consider income potential offered by this traditional asset class and look for ways to diversify fixed income exposure with the yield focused options. 
Christopher Gannatti / Geopolitical Risks, Education 07 Nov 2018

How to multifactor: Diversifying exposure across all factors at all times

Christopher Gannatti
Investors are always chasing the possibility of outperformance. It is easy to look at the widely followed benchmarks and want something more. Academic research has indicated that certain factors have demonstrated a persistent ability to outperform market capitalization-weighted benchmarks over longer periods. Here, we explore some of those factors.
Nitesh Shah / Education, Commodities 29 Oct 2018

Managing commodity risks

Nitesh Shah
Futures contracts are the most common way to invest in commodities that one does not wish to take delivery of and store. In this blog we discuss potential ways to manage the risks and capitalise on the potential opportunities involved with investing in commodity futures.
Jason Guthrie / Education 01 Oct 2018

Exchange trading: More important than you think

Jason Guthrie
One of the most common reasons that critics use to dismiss Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) is that intra-day trading shouldn’t matter to long term investors. So why care about trading intra-day if it adds complexity? Here’s why exchange trading is more important than you think. 
Christopher Gannatti / Education 26 Sep 2018

Understanding Commodities

Christopher Gannatti
This blog is instalment 4 of our new educational blog series on investment strategies and asset classes. Today we address the potential of commodities for diversification of investments, particularly when accessed through exchange traded products. 

Kevin Flanagan

Senior Fixed Income Strategist

Kevin Flanagan joined WisdomTree in 2016 as Senior Fixed Income Strategist. He contributes to the asset allocation team and provides expertise on WisdomTree’s global fixed income content. Prior to joining WisdomTree, Kevin spent 30 years at Morgan Stanley, where he was most recently a Managing Director. He was responsible for tactical and strategic recommendations and created asset allocation models for fixed income securities. He was a contributor to the Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Global Investment Committee, primary author of Morgan Stanley Wealth Management’s monthly and weekly fixed income publications, and collaborated with the firm’s Research and Consulting Group Divisions to build ETF and fund manager asset allocation models. Kevin has an MBA from Pace University’s Lubin Graduate School of Business, and a B.S in Finance from Fairfield University.

Aneeka Gupta

Associate Director of Research

Aneeka Gupta is Associate Director of Research at WisdomTree. Prior to the acquisition of ETF Securities in April 2018, Aneeka worked as an Equity & Commodities Strategist at the company. Aneeka has 13 years of experience working as a Research Analyst across a wide range of asset classes. In her current role she is responsible for conducting analysis for all in-house commodity and macro publications and assisting the sales team with client queries around products and markets.  

Prior to ETF Securities, Aneeka began her career as an equity analyst at Bear Stearns International Ltd in London. She also worked as an Equity Sales Trader at Sunrise Brokers across US and Pan European Exchanges. Before that she worked as an Equity Derivatives Sales Manager at Mashreq Bank in Dubai.  

Aneeka holds a Bsc in Mathematics from the University of Delhi and a Masters in Mathematics from Oxford University and is also a CFA Charterholder.

Nitesh Shah

Director, Research

Nitesh is Director of Research at WisdomTree. Prior to the acquisition of ETF Securities in April 2018, Nitesh was a Commodities Strategist for the company. Nitesh has 16 years of experience as an economist and strategist, covering a wide range of markets and asset classes.

Before joining ETF Securities, Nitesh was an economist covering the European structured finance markets at Moody’s Investors Service and was a member of Moody’s global macroeconomics team. Before that he was an economist at the Pension Protection Fund and an equity strategist at Decision Economics.

He started his career at HSBC Investment Bank. Nitesh holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the London School of Economics and a Master of Arts in International Economics and Finance from Brandeis University (USA).


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