WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income UCITS ETF

The Fund seeks to track the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses of the WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Index.

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  • As of 22 Jul 2016
Asset Class
Base CurrencyUSD
Inception Date14 Nov 2014
Exchange Ticker DEM/DEMD
Index NameWisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Index
Use of Income
Dividend FrequencySemi-Annually
NAV and AuM
Daily Change-0.05
Daily Return-0.36%
Total AUM of fund$37,917,205
Legal Form
Fund UmbrellaWisdomTree Issuer Plc
StructureOpen-ended Exchange Traded Fund
Replication MethodPhysical (optimised)
Financial Year End31 December
Key Service Providers
CustodianState Street Custodial Services (Ireland) Limited
AdministratorState Street Fund Services (Ireland) Limited
Fund ManagerMellon Capital Management Corporation
Trustee / Depositary State Street Custodial Services (Ireland) Limited
AuditorErnst & Young Ireland
Further Legal and Tax Information
European Saving DirectiveOut of Scope
Registered Countries
  • Finland Finland
  • Germany Germany
  • Ireland Ireland
  • Italy Italy
  • Netherlands Netherlands
  • Sweden Sweden
  • Switzerland Switzerland
  • United Kingdom United Kingdom

Listings & Codes

Country Exchange Trading Currency Exchange Ticker Bloomberg Ticker RIC SEDOL ISIN WKN INAV Bloomberg INAV Reuters Listing Date
  London Stock Exchange USD DEMD DEMD LN DEMD.L BSFX8G1 IE00BQQ3Q067 DEMEIV 19 Nov 14
  London Stock Exchange GBx DEM DEM LN WTDEM.L BQQ3Q17 IE00BQQ3Q067 DEMEIV 19 Nov 14
  Borsa Italiana EUR DEM DEM IM WTDEM.MI BVCXL11 IE00BQQ3Q067 DEMEIV 20 Jan 15

Top Holdings

  • As of 22 Jul 2016
NameBloomberg TickerCountryWeight
1. CNOOC Ltd883 HKHK4.27%
2. Gazprom OAOOGZD LIRU3.59%
3. MMC Norilsk Nickel PJSC-ADRNILSYRU3.44%
4. China Construction Bank Corp939 HKCN2.66%
5. Chunghwa Telecom Co Ltd2412 TTTW2.04%
6. Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd1398 HKCN1.90%
7. MTN Group LtdMTN SJZA1.86%
8. Vale SAVALE3 BSBR1.84%
10. Mobile Telesystems PJSCMBT UNRU1.45%

Country Allocation

  • As of 22 Jul 2016
1. Taiwan22.97%
2. Russia13.54%
3. China13.38%
4. Brazil10.54%
5. South Africa7.87%
6. Thailand7.01%
7. Hong Kong6.70%
8. Malaysia5.08%
9. Poland2.13%
10. Turkey1.96%
11. Indonesia1.88%
12. Czech Republic1.81%
13. Chile1.80%
14. South Korea1.61%
15. Philippines1.21%
16. Hungary0.35%
17. Mexico0.15%

Sector Breakdown

  • As of 22 Jul 2016
1. Financials23.82%
2. Energy16.66%
3. Materials14.98%
4. Telecommunication Services13.84%
5. Information Technology12.52%
6. Utilities6.16%
7. Consumer Discretionary5.41%
8. Industrials5.00%
9. Consumer Staples1.29%
10. Health Care0.32%

Recent Distributions

  • As of 22 Jul 2016
Ex-Dividend DateRecord DatePayable DateOrdinary IncomeShort Term Capital GainsLong Term Capital GainsReturn of CapitalTotal Distribution

German Taxes

WM ID925Valuation DateIncome AktienIncome ZwishIncome IGAktiengewinn KStGAccum Deemed Distrib
1. 021 Jul 16-13.155400-14.60760
1. 020 Jul 16-13.352800-14.69630
1. 019 Jul 16-13.465400-14.79290
1. 018 Jul 16-13.306500-14.46080

WisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Index

The Index is governed by a published, rules-based methodology and is designed to measure the performance of emerging markets stocks with high dividend yields. The Index is a fundamentally weighted index and is comprised of the highest dividend yielding common stocks selected from the WisdomTree Emerging Markets Dividend Index. As of the annual Index screening date, companies within the WisdomTree Emerging Markets Dividend Index are ranked by dividend yield. Securities ranking in the highest 30% by dividend yield are selected for inclusion within the Index.

Eligibility requirements for the WisdomTree Emerging Markets Dividend Index include: (i) payment of at least $5 million in cash dividends on common shares in the annual cycle prior to the annual Index screening date; (ii) market capitalisation of at least $200 million as of the Index screening date; (iii) average daily dollar volume of at least $200,000 for each of the six months preceding the Index screening date; (iv) incorporation within one of 17 emerging market nations (Brazil, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Poland, Russia, South Africa, Taiwan, Thailand, and Turkey); (v) a calculated volume factor (the average daily dollar volume for three months preceding the Index screening date divided by the weight of the security in the Index) that is greater than $200 million; and (vi) trading of at least 250,000 shares per month for each of the six months preceding the Index screening date. Securities are weighted in the Index based on dividends paid over the prior annual cycle. Companies that pay more total dollar amount of dividends are more heavily weighted. At the time of the Index’s annual screening date, the maximum weight of any security in the Index is capped at 5%.The maximum weight of any one sector and any one country in the Index, at the time of the Index’s annual screening date, is capped at 25%, subject to the following volume factor. In the event that a company has a calculated volume factor that is less than $400 million as of the annual Index screening date, (i) the company’s weight in the Index will be reduced such that its weight equals its weight prior to the adjustment multiplied by a fraction of its calculated volume factor divided by $400 million, and (ii) the reduction in the company’s Index weight may cause a sector’s and/or country’s weight to rise above 25%. In response to market conditions, security, sector and country weights may fluctuate above the specified cap between annual Index screening dates. The Index includes large-capitalisation, mid-capitalisation and small-capitalisation companies. The Fund may invest directly in securities listed or traded on the Regulated Markets of Russia in accordance with the weighting attributed to such securities in the Index. Investment in Russian listed or traded securities shall be limited to those securities which are listed or traded on the Moscow Exchange MICEX-RTS. The Index is "reconstituted" on an annual basis.

During the annual reconstitution, securities are screened to determine whether they comply with WisdomTree Investment, Inc.'s (“WisdomTree”) proprietary Index methodology and are eligible to be included in the Index on the basis of the requirements outlined above, except companies may remain in the Index if they are ranked in the top 35% by dividend yield. New securities are added to the Index only during the "annual reconstitution." The annual reconstitution takes place in October each year using the latest available closing prices on the last trading day in September. This date is the "Index measurement date". Based on this screening, securities that meet Index requirements are added to the Index and securities that do not meet such requirements are dropped from the Index. A "preliminary Index" is made publicly available based on this information by the Wednesday in the second week of October. The "Weighting Date" is the date when the final weights of each component security of the Index are established. The Weighting Date is the second Friday of October and the final weights are established after close of business on that day. The final Index constituents and their respective weightings are made publicly available after close of business on the second Friday of October and go into effect before the opening of trading on the Monday following the third Friday of October.

In order to minimise any potential for conflicts caused by the fact that WisdomTree and its affiliates act as Index Provider and Promoter of the Company, WisdomTree has retained an unaffiliated third party to calculate the Index (the “Calculation Agent”). The Calculation Agent, using the applicable rules-based methodology, will calculate, maintain and disseminate the Index on a daily basis. WisdomTree will monitor the results produced by the Calculation Agent to help ensure that the Index is being calculated in accordance with the applicable rules-based methodology. In addition, WisdomTree has established policies and procedures designed to prevent non-public information about pending changes to the Indices from being used or disseminated in an improper manner.



Index Details

Index ID Card
Index NameWisdomTree Emerging Markets Equity Income Index
Index providerWisdomTree
Bloomberg TickerWTEMHYTR Index
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